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Engaging new followers through social media

At Plugin Group, we have a variety of white-label services all set to go for social media, tailored in precise fashion to suit your needs. We know just what it takes to put you and your clients on center stage. We’ve attracted loyal fans on a full range of social platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Many more

Below are just a few of the results we’ve been able to achieve for clients and agencies, looking to reach target audiences through social media marketing.

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La Palina Cigars

This national cigar brand sought a strategic social media plan to maximize their interaction with cigar smokers across multiple social media platforms.

Over the course of several months, La Palina Cigars saw an increase of 4,000 followers on Twitter, several thousand views on YouTube, and took advantage of emerging platforms like Foursquare and Pinterest.

With over 2,500 views on Scribd, La Palina is now able to harness the power of social media to share magazine ratings and stories that are only available in print.

This debate website needed to attract a politically motivated audience to their two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

Using a microtargeted approach that focused on politically charged Twitter users, Street Rebuttal saw Twitter followers grow by 17,000 in less than 17 months.

Through effective Facebook advertising, Street Rebuttal gained over 13,000 fans in little over two months.


WETA Public Broadcasting in Washington DC needed to expand their social media presence for their book blog inReads, but wanted to stay away from directly advertising on social media platforms.

By finding users of similar blogs on Twitter, inReads is now building a social media audience with hundreds of new followers each week.

They are now connecting with local libraries and book stores to promote posted stories and events, and are utilizing Pinterest as a means of driving web traffic.

Signature Cigars of DC

As one of the largest cigar lounges and retailers in the Washington area, Signature Cigars of DC required a robust social media presence to connect with an ever-expanding group of customers and patrons. It also sought to connect with local and regional cigar smokers who had yet to stop by.

Through microtargeted growth efforts, Signature Cigars (@CigarsDC) now has the third-largest following on Twitter of any cigar shop in the nation, according to Cigar Snob Magazine.

In addition, Signature Cigars is also noted for its use of Foursquare and Instagram to connect with fellow cigar aficionados.

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